Where are my keys?

Call Charlene at 443-846-9773 and have her work with you to develop a plan that works for you to create peace and order to your space and life. And, a place for your keys!

I had my office/craft room organized by Charlene from Fix My Nest and she did an amazing job. It is a multifaceted room that was in dire need of organizing. When I first started the service, to my surprise, I found myself a little scared of the whole process. I thought, I have my system and this is going to move everything around and I'm not going to be able to find anything. Quite the contrary. Before we started moving anything, she wrote down some basic guidelines to help us decide how to parse out the room. What I found interesting, and even enlightening, about the whole process is the way she approached the organization. She did more than just organize my room, she reconstructed it under the system of categories rather than my former system of if it fits, put it there. Switching my room to that new system, and cleaning and throwing away some things in the process, has completely transformed my office/craft room and has helped to keep it that way. Now my husband actually enjoys visiting me in my office/craft room and stays a while rather than just peeping in. Thank You Charlene!        Kay Z.